Petition the Singapore Ministry Of Law so it does not take away Keppel Club

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Petition the Singapore Ministry of Law from taking away Keppel Club, and building more high end condominiums in its place.

Keppel Club has a 114 year old working class heritage for all Singaporeans to be proud of. Starting off as a humble nutmeg plantation in 1904 with a neigbouring Malay Kampung, Keppel Club has honoured is natural roots in it's present state, as Singapore's 21st century representation of eco-friendliness. Keppel Club is a key green lung at the edge of an increasingly upwards and downwards overbuilt, and ceaselessly expanding central downtown core.

Keppel Club's grounds with its lush natural vegetation protect native flora and fauna (including some magnificent eagle species) and edge Berlayer Creek. Berlayer Creek, a 960 meter long and 5.61 ha wide mangrove patch which was named after a historic rock formation, Batu Berlayer (Sail Rock in Malay), that stood at its mouth to the sea, is presently home to about 60 bird species (including a happy flock of playful cockatoos), 19 fish species and 14 unique mangrove plant species.

Keppel Club is the oldest golf club in Singapore in one location and is renowned for its natural unspoiled terrain. The grounds are also historical due to the part they played during the Japanese occupation of Singapore and the valiant effort made by locals to reclaim our land. It has had more than 4 generations of Singaporeans from all walks of life, both members and non-members alike use its facilities to enjoy the company of each other and to commemorate their special moments in life. For most it feels like home. Keppel Club is conservation conscious, raises in excess of SGD 1 Million for charitable causes to assist its fellow Singaporeans annually, is family-centric and is open to the public too for food and beverages all year round.

The government in the last 12 months has already taken away Jurong Country Club and Raffles Country Club  - another two working class clubs for the High Speed Rail and is now taking away Keppel Club, to build mostly high end condominiums that will not serve the general public in any way.

After Keppel Club is taken away what, that is precious to you, will be next?

Take a stand, together with the family, friends and members of Keppel Club to preserve your national heritage now. Sign the petition to indicate that heritage and history do matter. That Singapore cannot keep taking away it’s heritage and history in the supposed name of progress, and it’s attempt to house more and more people with no end in sight. 

Treat this as your cause and sign this petition now.

Then send it to everyone you know and request them to sign it too. It's not illegal, there is no compulsion for you to donate anything and it's not a political cause either. All you have to do is lending your signature and voice anonymously (if you'd like), and ultimately do what is obviously right.

It costs you nothing, and it's the least you can do right now, before sending it on and encouraging others to do the same.