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SINGAPORE: Has the SG$1.1Billion for 800 More Buses Been Well Planned?

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This affects EVERY commuter's transport fare (and other issues!) - Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans!

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I thank you for thinking for the comfort and convenience of Singapore commuters.  But at the same time, we would like these questions to be addressed and for you to consider #10.

1.  Would an additional 800 buses really improve bus service levels if non-Singaporean (foreign) drivers have trouble communicating with passengers?

2.  Wouldn't 800 buses running islandwide (probably half running at the same time) be undoing the efforts of those (especially civil servants) who worked hard at strategizing anti traffic jams for the last decade or so?

3.  Wouldn't the cost of funding a bus corp (Transitlink?) - some 1.1 billion SG$ - be put to better use at improving SMRT technology instead?  "Curing" the problem at the root?

4.  Wouldn't funding a bus corp be like funding Coca Cola Inc or POSB - corporations already with money?  Why should tax-payers be paying a profit-making corporation?

5.  Do we really need 800 buses that aren't needed when there's no emergency use of them?  What would they be doing if they aren't running about?

6.  Wouldn't it mean that transport fares will increase (especially for the next 4 years) despite the inconveniences that SMRT has given to commuters in the past?  Remember smelly sewage water underground Orchard MRT stations, etc?

7.  In the first place, shouldn't the provision of emergency buses be the initial and basic responsibilities of the bus corp or the SMRT, should SMRT services break down, taking into consideration that public bus fares were increased 4 times in past?

8.  Wouldn't the cost of $1.1 billion be put to better use to help needy patients and/or needy students?

9.  I think if the government is to go ahead with this SG$1.1billion thingie, this move could potentially DECREASE the profits of the bus corp.  What do Transitlink (or whatever bus corp) shareholders think about this?

10.  Therefore, I unite with the other Singaporeans, to request to the Minister of State for Finance and Transport (Josephine Teo), REACH chairman Amy Kor, to scrape this $1.1 billion funding (and instead put this money to better use elsewhere!)


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Best regards,

kelly chen

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