Exeter Township to offer face instruction.

Exeter Township to offer face instruction.

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Eliza Ann started this petition to exeter township school district

The decision to do virtual school is not a decision that is good for children or their parents. 

Virtual school only works for 1 income, 2 parent households. Which is uncommon in today’s family environment. 

Who can teach the child if both parents are working? 

Dr Minor said there will be more interactive instruction and times for children to attend- who is going to make this happen while parents are at work? Some parents will not be able to ensure their child can attend.

What about the parents who rely on school day as daycare for them to be able to work? 

Dr Minor mentions that BCIU will have daycare in the school, does she realize how hard it is to get into BCIU, there is normally a months-long waiting list and it is also costly to have your child go. This is an increase in cost and not enough availability for the parents who need it. 

Now parents will have to both find child care, work a full day and then in the 2-3 hours they have with their child, educate them?  What if the parent can not afford full time daycare? Do they quit their job, but then how do they feed their family? 

Who does this decision protect? Not the children, because most of them will still be in large groups together, being educated by the amazing daycare staffs that actually understand the needs of parents and children.

How can the kindergarten and first graders successfully learn to read virtually? 

Virtual learning can be great for some children and parents- keep the virtual option but allow those kids who will not succeed in the environment have what will be successful for them, face-to-face learning.

This model sets up everyone for failure, frustration, and will create additional anxiety and depression among both parents and children. 

The CDC recommends schools open: https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-07-24/redfield-new-cdc-guidance-is-meant-to-help-schools-open-not-keep-them-closed?context=amp


Schools need to provide in-person instruction for the children who need it.

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