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Historic Bara Imambargah, Occupied by an Un-Islamic Party

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Historic Bara Imambargah, Forcefully Occupied by an un-Islamic Party

With a heavy heart we are having to publicly disclose that the historic Bara Imambargah of District South - Karachi, is being occupied illegally by a group known publicly as the ‘Nasir Asghar Party.’ This Nasir Asghar Party is renowned for their group noha recitations but sadly in the past few years they have devolved into a thuggish group, engaging in intimidation, violence, thievery, and other nefarious crimes.

Also, unlike mainstream Shi’ism the Nasir Asghar Party follows the school of Nusaryism, which considers Imam ‘Ali (‘a) a God; something that is considered kufr by all Muslims far and wide. The Bara Imambargah, historically a symbol of propagating the message of Islam and the Ahl al-Bayt (s) is now covered in graffiti of “Ya ‘Ali Allah,” declaring that ‘Ali (‘a) is God. (Images of this have been included in this post) It is the duty of all ‘Ulama in Pakistan, both Sunni and Shi’ah, to condemn and ultimately stop this un-Islamic behavior and that all relevant authorities take action, specifically the Sindh government and police.

The Nasir Asghar party has also been involved in the target killing of Shi’a Muslims in Pakistan (alongside takfiri entities), specifically killing those who try to stop their deviances. We demand the Nasir Asghar Party to remove their banners and to leave the premises of the religious establishment, otherwise we will be forced to leak incriminating information.

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