Calling on All Voters and Candidates to BOYCOTT Sinclair Media's Propaganda

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The local news is no place for partisan politics.

We are calling upon all candidates from all parties—Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens —in Maryland and across the country to join the Krish for Maryland campaign in refusing to buy and run political ads on local Sinclair affiliates until their blatant propaganda ends. As candidates and voters, we must take a stand for free, unbiased media and against the partisan pieces being propagated by Sinclair.

For as long as Sinclair Media uses local television stations as mouthpieces for their partisan politics, we ask you to call upon your candidates to refuse to air a single campaign ad on any of their affiliate stations in Maryland and around the country, until Sinclair ceases their conservative propaganda, or until the local affiliates refuse to air their partisan pieces.

A full list of Sinclair affiliates can be found here:

Together, we must stand against misinformation and propaganda.  We encourage you to sign our petition and join us in boycotting Sinclair and its affiliates.