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Support brestfeeding mothers.

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Breastfeeding Moms of Sinclair are currently advocating for installation of pumping rooms. As of right now, there aren't any pumping rooms available to students. Student mothers are being told to use a locker room to make their babies food. We also aim to educate our community on the importance of breastfeeding and why it is necessary for students to have access to a sanitary place to pump their babies' food. A mother does not have to choose between her education and her baby's health. With the right support, she can have both. Please sign our petition and "Like" our facebook page here 



Breastfeeding mom at Sinclair? Need help finding a place to pump? Not sure how to schedule your classes around pumping? Join our closed group so we can help you with your questions and concerns!



A breastfeeding mother who returns to work or school cannot continue to breastfeed if she cannot pump. A breastfeeding mother cannot express milk sufficiently if there is not a comfortable and sanitary place to do so. The United States government has recognized this issue and has put in place "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA).The law requires employers to provide “reasonable” break time and a private place other than a bathroom where a working mom can express breast milk for her nursing baby. However, the law doesn't say anything about colleges doing the same for their students. This petition can help change that for Sinclair. As of right now, there is one area that is known as the "mother’s room" and this room is actually a locker room. A locker room is not an appropriate place to make food for a child. It also does not offer privacy. In addition to it being in an inappropriate location, it is only on one side of campus. What about the moms who have classes on the other side of campus? It is not reasonable to think that these moms can leave class, walk 10-20 minutes to this space, pump for 15 minutes, and then walk back another 10-20 minutes. In the time it takes for someone to do that, class would be over. Some women might be embarrassed or not want to deal with the hassle of getting someone to help her find a place to pump and thus, quit breastfeeding. Sinclair should support breastfeeding and encourage mothers to continue to breastfeed by providing spaces that are not a bathroom and that have privacy available. These spaces should also be available throughout campus and not just one area. It is important for a mother perusing their education, to know that just because they are going to college, does not mean that they have to sacrifice their breastfeeding relationship with their child.


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