Thank you Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for opening Kartarpur 'Corridor of Peace'

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"Build Bridges not Walls" - To begin with , a groundbreaking example of Emotional Intelligence shown by the leader of Pakistan, a progressive thinker , honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan. We thank you for taking this phenomenal step towards bringing the 2 nations together and sending a wave of love and peace across the world. A lot of Sikh history and revered places reside in Pakistan and well taken care of. This visa free corridor of peace is the first step towards opening hearts and borders for access to these revered places of worship of Sikhs around the world. We would humbly request the Prime Minister of Pakistan to extend this effort for Visa free access to all the guru ghars in Pakistan for Sikhs around the world and in India.

The solution has excellently been initiated by forward thinking leaders. Visa free access to all the gurughars in Pakistan for Sikhs around the world and in India is the direction where this solution can be extended.
Please share this petition far and wide to every Sikh around the world so we all can thank the progressive leader of Pakistan from the bottom of our hearts and request him to extend the access to all Sikh places of worship in Pakistan visa free.

Personal story
Sri Kartarpur Sahib is the resting place of Guru Nanak, a pioneer who laid the foundation of Sikhism centuries ago. Located in Pakistan's eastern Narowal district, Sri Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara stands tall and only 5 km away from the India/Pakistan border and viewed through a set of binoculars by Sikhs in India side of Punjab to pay tribute to the first Guru Sahib.

A 'peer' revered by both Hindus and Muslims at the time of him leaving his body form, was held in such high regard that it led to a dispute over how his remains should be treated: Should he be buried, in the Islamic tradition, or cremated, as Hindus wished?
At this gurudwara built over his resting place, there is both a grave and a samadhi marking his passing.
On Wednesday when the foundation was laid by Hon. Imran Khan for this visa free Corridor of Peace that will connect Kartarpur and Dera Baba Nanak, it has given rise to a hope that all the sikh places of worship will be accessible one day visa free to all the sikhs. Such a phenomenal display of positive and solution based leadership from both sides of the border. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!