Remove “Fetch” as our only option of delivery.

Remove “Fetch” as our only option of delivery.

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Started by Conner Inskeep

Fellow Residents of Briley:
As you all know, Fetch has been nothing but a headache for most residents. They are extremely unreliable and have absolutely no concept of customer support or remediation for their constant failures. This has been an ongoing issue since Briley has begun utilizing their services. While I do appreciate the building security that Fetch secures so that UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc. do not all have access to our buildings, I would also like a sense of security on packages that we order. We pay a fee, added to our rent, for Fetch services. It is a waste of our money to continue using Fetch when they constantly fail us.
I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the following:
- Fetch is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited
- Fetch has an “F” rating by the BBB
Taking these two facts into consideration, it is obvious that property staff failed to do any research on this company before deciding to utilize their services. Not only is Fetch failing us, it has become an error on property management for utilizing a disreputable company.  
If you have noticed, there is a room labeled “package” by the mailroom. If this cannot be utilized as a package room, what about the space that was supposed to be Doggy Day Care, which we were told was going to be made into another amenity space? My point is that there are other options available for package delivery without having to breach the security of our buildings.
It is time for something to be done about this situation. We are demanding community staff to find another solution to package delivery here at Briley. If you would like to join us in support of demanding a solution, please consider signing below.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!