Make the NHS cover Irlen syndrome costs!

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Irlen syndrome is a rather unknown problem. It is a perceptive disorder that can last for life and can affect people of all the walks of life. Coloured glasses, paper and overlays can help make the disability less prominent and make life easier for the sufferer. (Although glasses can help the problem is not with the eyes).

The symptoms of Irlen syndrome can be quite similar to that of Autism and AD(H)D and can effect the concentration of its sufferers greatly. As if this wasn’t enough, it can also cause terribly painful eye strain migraines that can last whole days.

The treatments are quite expensive as the specially trained and qualified Irlen analysts (basically the people who test for Irlen syndrome and work out what colour glasses etc you will need) are not supported by our NHS and the glasses which already cost as much as £400 have to be specially made to order in the USA and shipped over. This process can take as long as a month. (Overlays can often be provided by the specialists for a price).

If you sign this petition you can help make the lives of countless sufferers like myself easier. 

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