Demand that Orlando Premium Outlet Malls change closing hours, 9pm Mon-Sat, 7pm on Sun!

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Last year we had a small win! We Demanded that the Orlando Outlet Malls not extend their closing hours. Now it's time continue demanding what we deserve. It is now time to take action and ensure the Outlet Malls go to traditional Closing hours of 9pm Mon - Sat, and 7pm on Sundays. Those of us working in this industry know there is no benefit to staying open past these hours. We also know that there are no retailers in these malls supporting these late closing hours. All it does is cause companies to use more resources for less profit. Let's continue to push the issue until we reach out goal, decent operating hours which lead to a better quality of life. We need to share this petition, Put pressure on local officials, and engage in public displays of activism until our goal is met. #Worklifebalancematters #Peopleovermoney

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