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Continuing the dropped case and getting justice for the late Ann Bird

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Ann Bird was attending her local GP doctor Martin O'Malley in Ballyjamesduff, County Cavin for several months and was being treated for reflux and was told she had a hernia. Over several months she had embedded a path to her GP as her symptoms had become worse over the few months and her health deteriorated significantly. She couldn't take the pain anymore and had bought herself to A&E in Cavan General Hospital, she was kept in for the weekend and 7 weeks later she had passed away in Blackrock Hospice, County Dublin with grade 5 Oesophageal Cancer and Secondary Cancer of the Liver. While in Cavan General hospital we incountered no medical staff,nurses/doctors or supervision on the wards and had to ask a catering member of staff where all the doctors and nurses were. Nobody came to speak with us or explain our mothers/nannys illness, we were horrified after receiving the phone call from the hospital that no one  was available to speak with us and two days later they discharged her, sent her home knowing she was extremely ill with the most aggressive form of Cancer instead of transferring her to a hospital where she could have been treated with dignity and care.

Cavan general hospital admitted they broke protocol and procedures and they need to be held accountable for the loss of Mother/Nanny and the trauma it has caused to the family. Regardless of anyone's illness we have a right to dignity and health care. Doctors are failing people/patients, our Mother/Nanny Ann Bird had no quality of life and the law needs to change in relation to breach of conduct, and where the law can't pick through holes.

We have pursued this case with two solicitors and both have refused to take the case.

We want justice for our beloved Nanny/Mother Ann Bird 

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