Build a secure psychiatric hospital for teenagers in Ireland

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Hey I'm katie.  For my 22nd birthday I'm trying to persuade the HSE to build a bespoke secure psychiatric unit in Ireland for children and adolescents with mental health difficulties, autism and challenging behaviour. 

We don't have a secure hospital in Ireland.  I spent most my teenage years in a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital before I was sedated on a military helicopter and transferred to a secure psychiatric unit in the UK against my will.  I spent 22 months here.  I can't even get across to you how traumatising and horrific this experience was.  I had no say.  I couldn't come back.  It was bullied over other and I still couldn't come home. I was subjected to improper restraint. Sedation. Seclusion. Padded cells.  And 20 minutes a day to make a call to by family back home.  I barely left the ward. 

Each day I prayed to come home.  Each day that seemed more impossible. I got more depressed.  More suicidal.  And I thought I'd never get out.  It was like prison. 

I wrote to the minister of health at the time.  I was wrote about it newspapers.  I begged for a change.  So many Adolescents are sent there against their will and will continue to be sent there against their will out of the eye of public if we don't make a change. 

A judge once said in a court case with all the money the HSE spent fighting to keep me their they could have built a hospital here. 

I still have nightmares of being trapped back there. 

Early intervention is key.  But sending kids to another country because our country refuses to build a hospital and take responsibility?  

Imagine that was your kid and you couldn't stop them being taken from you and sent there? 

Well by signing this we have a chance. 

I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy.  Please help me.  

I can't change it alone.