Simon Fraser University: Change your Final Exam Procedures

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Hello SFU Students, I'm worried the petition may not be enough.  We need URGENT action to email your Dean and Associate Dean to encourage them to support compassionate final exam procedures.  Every email counts!  Below you can find the names and emails of your Dean and Associate Dean, and further you may find a template you’re free to use, or you could write your own email. APPLIED SCIENCE Dean:  Eugene Fiume.  eugene_fiume@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Edward Jung Wook Park.   ARTSDean:  Lisa Shapiro.  fassdean@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Catherine Murray. BUSINESSDean:  Ali Dastmalchian.  beedie_dean@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Peter Tingling.   COMMUNICATIONS, ART AND TECHNOLOGY Dean:  Owen Underhill.  fcatdean@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Philippe Pasquier.   EDUCATION Dean:  Susan O'Neill.  eddean@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Natalia Gajdamaschko.   ENVIRONMENT Dean:  Naomi Krogman.  envdean@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Paul Kingsbury.   HEALTH SCIENCES Dean:  Tania Bubela.  fhsdean@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  Nicole Berry. SCIENCE Dean:  Paul Kench.  scsec@sfu.caAssociate Dean:  David Hik.   EMAIL TEMPLATE:   Subject Line:  Change your Final Exam Procedures Text: Hello to both of you,   I’m writing this to you as a student in your Faculty.  I’ve written this email to show my support for a recent petition started by SFU students that has received over 4,500 signatures that calls for compassionate final exam policies.  I support giving students each of the three options, to be chosen individually by the student for each of their courses: a) Pass/Fail instruction, whereas there is no effect on GPA but credits are awarded, or;   b) A grade freeze, where further instruction and examination/work terminates effective immediately and letter grades are awarded based on all coursework up to this date (including possibly making finals optional), or;   c) Allowing students to finish the semester as normal.   These are extraordinary times, and there is too much at risk for us students, not only in this semester but for the rest of our lives to not support this compassion.  I implore you, please support and advocate for these policies   Thank you.    

Colin Fowler
2 years ago