SFU Please Listen

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Every year on Burnaby Mountain it snows. Every year it seems students spend hours waiting for buses. If it is deemed no longer safe for buses to travel up the mountain, students walk. SFU is comprised of student from all over the lower mainland and only a portion live near the school and an even smaller portion live on campus. The majority of students also rely on public transportation.There seems to be little to no safety plan if students get stuck on the mountain due to a snow storm.

For pictures, please look at https://www.facebook.com/sfusnowmageddon/ .There are pictures of buses and skytrain line ups which are triple the size. There are pictures of students stuck at the bottom of the mountain after buses can no longer run.

This is not the first issue.

Students are outraged at the lack of thought put into issues at SFU. Early fall semester of 2019, there was a potential shooter on campus and SFU showed a lack of preparedness in this situation.Last year, a student died in the middle of midterms which was SFU tries to keep it under wraps and silence students. This is just one of many incidents that has happened on this campus, and SFU has not shown an adequate response to any of these incidents.

This is not okay. It's only a time before someone gets hurt. Please sign this petition to support SFU students and show SFU they need to take students safety more seriously.