Convince SFU to Donate Reusable Containers Left Behind on Campus

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At SFU, water bottles and travel mugs that are left behind on campus each semester are disposed of by SFU as per their current policy. As a campus promoting sustainability as a key component of their long term vision, the disposal of a sustainable product goes against this vision. Every time one of these containers is thrown away, SFU moves further away from becoming an eco-friendly campus. 

Change SFU is calling on students and faculty to convince SFU to change their policy, so that reusable containers left behind on campus are donated. SFU acknowledges that the current practice is unsustainable, but they have been slow at determining a solution to this problem. With your support, Change SFU would like to demand a faster solution to ensure that the policy changes quickly and reusable containers can continue being REUSED!

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