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Allow developers to access the list of friends from users of their Apps.

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The 30th April 2014, the Facebook Platform team made some very cool changes to their developer platform, including the Graph Api V2.0.

While there are a lot of improvements for developers on this new tool, there was a change that went almost unnoticed but has a huge impact on developers.

In the past, facebook developers were able to get a list of their user friends (their names and their unique IDs) by using the command GET /V1.0/me/friends. After the changes implemented on V2.0. there are no results here, other than friends who are also using the app (which of course are none)... They also introduced a new Invitable Friends API which works only for games with a canvas.

Many developers out there used the list of friends to invite people to use their app and many also used it as a core functionality of their app to provide data or to check connections between users that were not friends... Facebook allowed one year to apps to "adapt" to this change, but the reality is that there are many companies and groups of developers that will be out of business due to this decision.

There are many apps out there that will simply stop working after this change is fully implemented. I myself launched a startup on the flatsharing industry, whose business proposition was to find out which users had common facebook friends. This of course, is impossible to know after the changes implemented on Graph Api V2.0... Not only I lost my money and my time, I am also about to go out of business because of this decision.

Facebook platform team explained this decision in the name of "privacy", but there is nothing really bad about getting the list of friends of a user. We are not asking their mails, their religious beliefs or even their kid pictures, just their names and their Facebook Unique IDs... Besides, all services in the world (twitter, outlook, linkedin, gmail, etc) allow their users (or developers through the api) to export the list of friends on a CSV file. this can even be achieved on from the existing contacts on the phone, but not anymore on the largest social platform on the world...

Facebook is indeed a great platform and it is very good that they worry about the privacy of their users, but if access to this basic data is forbidden for developers, Facebook will end up with no apps at all and a very frustrated base of developers abandoning their service. On their forums, they say they "hear our concerns and understand this is a big transition for all of us", but... do they really hear our concerns???

We refuse to lose all the money and time we spent on our apps and we hereby ask the Facebook Platform team to reconsider this decision and save our apps from exctintion. 

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