Bring back the sing-offs, judges vote and deadlock for The X Factor!

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This series has had far too many shake ups, some of which the British public don't agree with. Our belief is that there is only one pure winner of The X Factor and that's who succeeds in the final and wins the whole show. The sing-offs had more of a fight to them, the sing-offs and judges votes were the most entertaining formats to live shows. 

The Prize Fight is far too nice for the acts. They should be fighting each week to survive and compete in the competition. We want the old format back. It's about finding out who's got the X FACTOR and who's just not good enough, to go home. Not to give a life of luxury to an act each week! 

If you want your viewers back, you're not doing a very good job at it - this makes us want to switch off. Restore the X Factor back to its old format with judge votes and sing-offs, or be prepared to lose more viewers.

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