Simon Coveney it’s time for Ireland to Officially Recognise Palestinian Statehood.

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It’s time for Ireland to officially recognise Palestinian statehood.

We call on Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade Simon Coveney to respect democracy in Ireland and  officially recognise Palestine.

Both the Dáil and the Seanad voted to recognise the State of Palestine in 2014 but our Irish Government, as of yet, has not formally done so.  It is now more important than ever that Ireland adds it’s name to the 137 countries that currently grant formal recognition to the state of Palestine, including eight EU member states - Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovakia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romanian and Sweden.

The Palestinian people are under a brutal and illegal Israeli occupation and Israel is carrying out an apartheid system worse than that of South Africa, where the Palestinian people are denied their land, identity, freedom and basic civil and human rights.

Since Simon Coveney has held the position of Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, he has opposed any form of action against Israel including officially recognising Palestine.  He voted against the recent Occupied Territories Bill and has point blank refused to expel the Israeli ambassador Ze'ev Boker, even though the Irish Government was quick to expel a Russian diplomat based on information from UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

It is very clear that Simon Coveney is not only on the wrong side of history, he is on the wrong side of humanity and completely out of step with the people of Ireland who have been demanding the Irish Government take a stand in regards to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine and it’s violations of International Law.

An Israeli government that adheres to International Law and respects it’s Palestinian neighbours will create the space for real peace negotiations and help towards a true and just peace between the Palestinian and Israeli people.

Apartheid - Wrong in South Africa, Wrong in Palestine.

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