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The Church Tavern, Quarry Bank is currently closed to customers pending License review.  Please read the below letter, and sign if you agree.  Please give Myron the support he needs to show the Authority that we want our pub back!  This is a continuation of the paper copies in circulation in Quarry Bank, please do not sign twice!  We will be able to print this off and offer it with all the other letters of support the Church Tavern is accumulating.

This petition is in favour of the reinstatement of the License for the Church Tavern.    

We who sign the petition are in favour of the continuation of the Church Tavern's service to the community of Quarry Bank and wish the License to be renewed immediately.


To Whom it may Concern regarding Licensing,

                                                                                    Thursday 8th March 2018.

Dear Sirs,


Re: Church Tavern, Quarry Bank, West Midlands.

 We are writing in support of the Church Tavern; we hope that you will take our views into account as below.

 As long-time customers of the Church Tavern and local business proprietors over the last 30 years, we are shocked to hear of the current closure of the premises pending licensing arrangements.  Whilst we are aware that everything must be in order, we wish to express our concern to you over the impact that the recent enforced closure of the Tavern has had upon the local community. 

 Quarry Bank has a rather tight-knit community, many of whom are aging people, and firstly the Church Tavern provides a ‘hub’ where people can meet, socialise, and there is a genuine care and camaraderie amongst the customers.  If older people who are regulars do not appear at their ‘usual’ time, customers will ring around, visit their houses and otherwise check on them to make sure they are O.K.  There is no other licensed premises in the centre of Quarry Bank with open access to the General Public, and the recent closure has meant that this enjoyable aspect of life in Quarry Bank has come to an abrupt halt.

 Secondly, as a meeting place and a viable business in its own right, the Church Tavern supports the local economy in Quarry Bank immensely.  Apart from providing employment to several local people directly, customers of the Church Tavern use many of the shops in the High Street, and beyond, on their way to and from the public house.  We ourselves at The Blindmakers have gained many customers over the years who we possibly would not have met if not for the Church Tavern.  We spend money locally also and this, one must agree, is central to keeping local people in employment. 

 Several fundraisers have also been conducted at the Church Tavern which can name Help for Heroes, Acorns Children’s Hospice, and several other charities as beneficiaries of the several hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds which have been raised in the building for good causes in just the last few years. 

 Thirdly, under Myron Cordis’ tenure as Landlord, there has been a huge amount of work done to the aging building to upgrade the Tavern.  Including new décor, carpets, changes to the Bar, new toilets and other amenities to make the public house a nice place to visit, it is unthinkable that all this hard work should go to waste.  The Tavern even supported Quarry Bank in Bloom for a second time with a very colourful display, which no doubt contributed towards the Award that was given this year.  This is just a small example of the position of the pub and its positive influence on life in Quarry Bank. 

 We hope we have made plain our opinion that The Church Tavern should indeed be renewed a License.  This would facilitate the continuation of trading in the manner that is has historically served the local community.  Should this not be the case, it would be a great shame and a dark day for Quarry Bank, bound to have repercussions for the general well being of the local area, and the people who live here.  Signed below as Local Employers, Traders, and genuinely concerned people of the Dudley Borough.  

 Yours Faithfully,


Tony, Sue and Simon Cook.

The Blindmakers.