Make A Stitch in Time [Audiobook]

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The enigmatic Garak - Cardassian-in-exile on space station Deep Space Nine - refers to himself as just a simple tailor, but everyone knows that there's more to him than that. Why was he banished from his home planet? And why does he choose exile on Deep Space Nine?

During his years playing Elim Garak on television, Andrew J. Robinson wrote a biography of his character in the form of a diary which was published by Simon and Schuster under the title: A Stitch in Time. Deep Space Nine’s popularity as a television show skyrocketed once it was taken off the air in 1999. Netflix allows for easy access to all episodes, and a strong, enthusiastic fan base has sprung up all over social media platforms. Ever since the book went out of print in the early 2000s, used copies sell online for over $100 USD. The book has gained a near cult following among Star Trek fans, making it a treasured collector’s item.

Robinson gave Garak such a distinctive vocal cadence that made his performances on the show spellbinding. During a reddit AMA in 2016, Robinson was asked several times if he would make an audiobook of A Stitch in Time and he replied that nothing would give him more pleasure. However, it is unfortunately not up to him, since Simon and Schuster, who own the book, would make that decision. Robinson's birthday is on February 14th. Let's give him the amazing gift of coming together as an enthusiastic and supportive community to ask Simon and Schuster to make this audiobook a reality!