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Simcoe County to Re-open home-based subsidized daycares

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As some of you may or may not be aware, Simcoe County has closed all their home-based subsidized daycares. What does this mean? This means that parents are now forced to look for daycare programs at schools (which theirs may not have), or other community based programs. The problem with this is for some of the school aged children that need transportation to and from school which these businesses do not provide.  Aside from the transportation issues, home daycares allowed parents to work odd shifts, overnights, afternoon shifts, weekend shifts, which all community based programs do not cover!  Their programs only run from approximately 6:30-7am, to about 6-6:30pm.  Not everyone has a 9-5 job in this day in age.  Some people work 12hr shifts, some need that overnight help to name a few.

 Parents, like myself, who have been approved for daycare subsidy, are now forced to pay full market price in daycare and hire outside the subsidy guidelines. This is both unacceptable and unnecessary . Myself, like many others are single, struggling parents trying to better ourselves, going back to school, working long hours, and without having access to subsidized daycare programs, our jobs, our schooling and whatever else you may need it for, come to a complete halt.   

What the County has done here needs to change, and we need to advocate together to show the county that there is STILL a need for home daycares.

Please stand with me in making a change!
Thank you.

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