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St. Angela Merici Catholic School Portables

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WHEREAS St. Angela Merici Catholic School was opened in September 2015 and the number of portables on school property has grown every single year in order to accommodate the increase in student enrollment.

WHEREAS it is estimated that the current student population is approximately 600+ students and anticipated to increase by September 2017.  When originally built, the school had a capacity of approximately 480 students (unconfirmed).

WHEREAS it is anticipated that at least one additional portable will be installed on the school property to accommodate increased enrollment by September 2017.

WHEREAS the current portables on site do not have two doors to allow for students to safely exit during a fire or other emergency.  In the event of an emergency, students would be required to exit through the door or window (if the door was blocked).

WHEREAS during the warmer temperatures, portable doors can be seen open during the school day, thereby creating a safety hazard for students and teachers when the main school is locked in order to comply with current safety measures in place.  Portable doors should be locked at all times to avoid unwanted entry given that the portables are not access controlled like the main school doors.  

WHEREAS the students being taught in portables are forced to go back and forth between portables and the main building in order to use the washroom during all types of weather.

WHEREAS the portables on the school property are not new, have damaged exteriors and do not match the aesthetics of the rest of the Grand Central Community.  Moreover, during the Summer of 2016, the windows to the portables were boarded up with plywood making the site look very unappealing.  

We the residents of Grand Central and the parents of students, both current and future, respectfully request:

1.  That the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board look at options to remove all of the portables on the school site and replace them with a "porta pack" in order to create a safe environment for learning and a school facility that the students can enjoy - complete with proper heating and air conditioning, facilities, and access to amenities that the rest of the school community enjoys.

2.  That, in the event that a "porta pack" is not viewed as a viable option, that Raj Sandhu, Ward Councillor, work with Jeanny Salmon, School Trustee, and the broader Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board to address the colour and aesthetics of the current portables, and identify ways to make them fit into the colour scheme of the larger Grand Central Community - similar to the way in which Chris Hadfield Public School has done.

3.  That the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board communicate to parents on the number of portables being installed by September 2017 and look for ways to address the depleting free space that students have to play during recess and other school activities.  

With the anticipated increase in the school community into the foreseeable future, we the undersigned respectfully request that the parties to this petition hold a town meeting with the school community to address the concerns of parents and a strategy for moving forward.  


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