Change the Policy for Children's Eligibility for Bussing from Daycare.

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The address used for a child to have access to a school bus should be the address of their before and after school care, not their home address.

Most families have both parents working, relying on before and after school care to keep their children safe. As of September 2017, many families in Simcoe lost access to bussing, my family did because we are just barely within the walk radius of 1.6kms from the school. Fine, except my children were 4 & 7 at the time and not at home before and after school, but rather, at daycare, which still has a bus stopping in front of it.

The Simcoe School Bus Consortium maintains the policy is for the home address to be used to determine bussing needs.  I propose bussing should be from where the child is cared for while the parents are working, not from where the child sleeps.   Help change the policy.