To have a French Immersion program in Bradford at our local high school at B​.​D​.​H​.​S

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We the FI (French Immersion) community in Bradford West Gwillimbury feel it's unreasonable and abritory, for the SCDSB to change the location of the French Immersion secondary program from BDHS to Nantyr Shores.

The survey questions were misleading due to the fact that parents and students were not aware that the location of the program was undecided. The survey was invalid because parents and students did not have all the information needed to make an informed decision. If families had the opportunity to re-do the survey now knowing that the location is at risk of moving, location would become the top priority. Survey questions were misleading and biased. Furthermore, we received information regarding the survey and it said that the program was going to be at BDHS and in no correspondence that was shared with families did it indicate that Innisfil was going to be the location for the program.

The Extended French program is being phased out of BDHS, so it makes sense for the French Immersion program to be phased in the same way it has been in all elementary schools with the French Immersion program. We have worked for almost 8 years to learn French with the understanding that we would have a program in high school to continue and further our learning. If the program is moved to Innisfil, nearly our entire class will not be continuing in French and attending the Innisfil High School.  

We strongly believe that the FI program should continue in Bradford because that’s our local high school and we want to continue learning French because we know that it will benefit us in our future. We have a right to access a French Immersion program in our community as we were previously promised.  So we think that the FI program should be in Bradford. If the FI program continues in Bradford (BDHS, Bradford District High School) Then more students will continue with the FI program. Many families share this concern and it puts the French Immersion program at risk as they may no longer be able to enroll their kids in the program knowing it will be in Innisfil when their children are ready to attend high school. Also, there would be a much higher cost to bus students from Bradford to Innisfil daily than to have students attend BDHS, their local school.

With such a growing amount of students, there comes as well a growing demand for French education in Bradford. It only seems reasonable for it to be at our high school, Bradford District High School (BDHS). 

Please sign this petition to show your support that families should have the opportunity to re-do the survey and have their voices heard with regards to the location of the French Immersion program in high school.

Thank You for your support!