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A Home for Music & Mr. Crone at Fieldcrest Elementary

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We are petitioning to keep music alive in our school! Just two days after being told we would have a secure learning space for the continuation of our music program, Mr. Crone has been torn out of his portable that was home to him and hundreds of now disheartened students. The school is in turmoil over the loss of this dedicated space. Though insignificant to the Simcoe County District School Board, it has had an immense impact on students of all ages and mental/physical capabilities. It has brought them together and given a voice to those that felt they had none. Specifically, one mom is speaking out about her son who has Autism, who has found opportunity and inclusion in Mr. Crone's unique program. This student is not only excelling at his new lessons in guitar, but he has joined three extra curricular music programs and is now tutoring another student. Just to reiterate; we have a student who has surpassed average expectations and has found an outlet where he not only excels and feels included, but has gained the confidence and capability to feel comfortable enough to socialize with his peers. To dismiss a program that is this powerful and significant to even our more challenged students, is a massive lapse in good judgement and a definite disservice to our children.  And this personal experience is just one student's story out of hundreds. 

The issue at hand is the Music program at Fieldcrest Elementary is not being treated with the respect it deserves. To have this class cast out to exist as a floating program, forced to function in hallways and out of storage rooms, is appalling! Music IS a real subject, a significant program, that deserves a dedicated space to allow adequate opportunity to engage and educate our children safely.  

The main issues with no dedicated space are: nowhere to store instruments (they end up being tucked in corners of the library or school hallways); when it is time for music class (or a music club) the students must go collect an instrument and return to their classroom then return the instrument at the end of class (which cuts significantly into their instruction time, and as it is they only have music for less than an hour per week). To save travel time Mr Crone used to allow them to play in the halls, but that was both a disruption and a safety issue in the event of a fire drill or other emergency. If enough of us make it clear how important to us this dedicated music space is, I am confident we can make it happen!

We, as advocates for our wonderful school of Fieldcrest Elementary, need to take a stand against the blatant disregard for such an incredible and impactful program. We would value the chance for input and the opportunity to make this right. Our school community is more than capable of accomplishing anything when we pull together for a cause that needs a hand and a voice. Mr. Crone and his music program, what he brings to our children and our school, is a necessity for our childrens' education in music and life. We strongly urge you to help us and give us the opportunity to better our childrens' education. 

Help us be heard! Music needs a permanent home in our school and our childrens' education. 

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