Allow female chickens in residential areas of Miami Dade County.

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We are here asking our elected Mayor and County Commissioners to create and pass an ordinance to allow female chickens (hens, not roosters) in residential areas of Miami Dade County just like many other cities across the state who has that ordinace in effect. Cities like Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Bonita Springs, Orlando and many others allow its residents to have from 4 to 12 hens in their homes as pets, with the appropriate permit and following rules and regulations dictated by the government. 

I am working on our petition based with the information received from other cities, counties and municipalities as a example to present it to the Mayor and the commissioners but collecting signatures online as well as hard copies (which I am collecting in person) will help us tremendously because they will realize that this is what their constituents wants.

Please sign and share our petition. 

Silvia M. Valles 

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