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Contractualization, Against the Nation

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Contractualization is a problem in the Philippines that has brought unemployment to most Filipinos. As students, we would like to have a stand regarding this issue, we believe that contractualization is unfavorable to workers as capitalists "make them work longer for the same wage or paying them less." It also deprives contractual workers from receiving additional benefits such as PAG-IBIG,SSS,etc.

Contractualization has been a system long practiced by a lot of companies in the country, especially large companies who want to keep their profits up.
In the Philippine context, contractualization “is a work arrangement whereby workers are only hired for only about five months without security of tenure, monetary, non-monetary, and social protection benefits.”
Companies are choosing to practice this structure because they receive a lot of benefits and these include:
1. Being able to adjust quickly and efficiently when their workload changes
2. Saving them the time and money from hiring full-time employees
3. Improving your staff’s work by hiring contractual employees who are highly skilled and could impart their knowledge to the internal staff

• It is illegal and unconstitutional, and violates security of tenure. It places him (employee) under the power of somebody who needs only to threaten to replace him. I am also lowering income and corporate taxes,” –Miriam Santiago
• It prevents Filipinos from obtaining skills and experience to apply for better jobs if they keep on changing their jobs every so often.
• Filipino workers are not machines who could be disposed when they’re no longer needed.
• This allows businesses to skip giving mandatory bonuses and benefits to regular employees.
• It shows how injustice prevails between businesses and the workers

We hope you are willing to take the stand to fight against contractualization for the betterment of our Filipino workers.


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