Stop union harassment and arbitrary dismissals in Alorica-West! Recognize UEA!

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Workers in Alorica are facing various threats to their jobs because of the new attendance and performance policies imposed by the management. Since February this year, hundreds of workers have been unjustly terminated and more were forced to resign.

The Unified Employees of Alorica, the union of workers in West Contact Services, Inc., an Alorica Company, has been in the forefront of the fight for security of tenure and to stop the illegal terminations of employees. However, Alorica (West) management refuses to recognize the union. Instead, recently, it has been systematically attacking union members and officers through arbitrary dismissals, continuous harassment and threats of filing lawsuits.

Alorica’s hostile actions that suppress the union and its members clearly violate workers’ right to form a union. The UEA is still the only union in the BPO industry because of the anti-union policy that has been adopted by many BPO companies and the largest association of BPO companies in the Philippines, the Information Technology and Business Process Association or IBPAP. Because workers are prevented from organizing unions, conditions of BPO workers have worsened over the years to the benefit of BPO companies. Thus, the fight for union recognition of UEA is an important fight for the 1.3 million Filipino workers in this industry.

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