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Union in Alorica to hold strike amid relentless union attacks

Amid intensified attacks on job security and union busting measures employed by Alorica and West Contact Services, Inc. management, the Unified Employees of Alorica (UEA) filed a notice of strike on September 7, before the National Conciliation and Mediation Board.

After several rounds of mediation proceedings beginning August, the parties failed to come up with an agreement as the management is stern in its position to “not recognize” UEA and instead insisted that it shall address employees concern “individually”.

Despite the strike declaration, on September 11 at around 830AM, Alorica and West management terminated Jean Azaña, the secretary-general of Unified Employees of Alorica despite the union’s notice of strike filed last September 7 on grounds of union busting and union harassment.

This recent move to terminate UEA’s secretary general proves that Alorica are a certified union buster. And this gives more reason for Alorica workers’ to hold a strike.

Please continue to spread word about Alorica workers' struggle and support our campaign. Stop Union Busting! Stop Illegal Dismissals! #BPOWorkersonStrike

BIEN Philippines
2 years ago