Make Fantasica Great Again!

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Akash Fakira
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In recent years, players have begun to notice the decline with the game. A lot of issues are coming up which is ruining the fun factor that the game once had and sadly the player base is dying. 

Firsty, for a game that has a concept around a trading system, we are constantly being restricted from doing this. 11* and 12* units are not tradable, anything ascended cannot be traded, if its an event unit it cannot be traded and even evolution goddesses cannot be traded. There is even an event which for some reason has the needs to disable our trading system.

Secondly, the game is constantly repeating the same events in the same order and we aren't getting any new events. Events are also becoming very pay to win, rather than being balanced and giving non-spenders a chance. Why can't we have events that restrict to just using 7* or something. Something that gives all players a fair chance. 

Thirdly, event prizes are no longer exciting as they once were. We went from having a full range of prize units available to just 2-3 now. Instead players got a cheap and lazy replacement known as epic tickets which do no justice as a replacement. Useless items are being distributed and not enough is being done to actually encourage players to play events.

Overall, the developers of Fantasica really need to listen to their players and cater towards them to revive what was once an amazing game. It still has the potential to be!