I told My scared daughter that We will not die like that...but I am myself scared

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I told my Daughter we will not die as many unfortunate residents of Shahberi Village Greater Noida Died due to greedy builder and nexus of various agencies.

Though I myself don't know how to convince myself.

My society (sikka Karmic Greens, Sector-78, Noida) is having a similar bad condition, basement is filled with water, pillars are getting tilted, Pillar's concrete is excreting salt. Concrete is dis-stressing (first sign of loosing strength).

All walls and pillars are under constant flowing water from pipes, rain water and all types of water. The seepage would create rusting of the reinforcement which will cause swelling of the reinforcement and later breaking of concrete. If this is allowed to continue it will effect the basis structure of the whole building. This was the condition of the basement 1. Condition of basement 2 is worse as water get collected in basement 1 which then flow down to the basement 2 without there being having any outlet. 

Under one of the tower this seepage has started to damage RCC made columns and pillars and thus damaging the structure and strength of plinth of building. Seepage of water is resulting in rusting and corrosion of iron used in RCC and ultimately may jeopardize the safety of resident flat owners living in society.

The problem is of persisting in nature for the last two three years and no corrective steps are being taken even after our taking up of issue with you and your maintenance team.

Building may fall any day and all 300-400 families will collapse.

There is no maintenance, hygiene, security but above all there is no guarantee how many day we will live. Either we will be homeless or will wait for our deaths as we have put our life savings in buying this flats and still paying EMI and maintenance charges to Builder.

Builder  (Mr. G.S. Sikka & Harvinder Sikka) is not ready to do any things even after many follow up emails and personal meetings.

I request you all to please sign this petition and pressurize agencies to take action against builder

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