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Petitioning Governor of California Jerry Brown and 4 others

Significantly lower my, and many other honest, taxpaying California drivers DMV registration fees

Individuals, especially individuals with families to feed, don't need another huge DMV registration fee to pay every year if their car or cars are older, and their driving record is spotless.

Letter to
Governor of California Jerry Brown
Dianne Feinstein
Operations Department PO Box 942869 Sacramento, CA 94269-0001 Department of Motors Vehicles California
and 2 others
Senator of California Barbara Boxer
Senator Barbara Boxer
Parents have families to feed, some work multiple jobs, bills to pay, etc. Most of these people are also California drivers. This message is especially for individuals with older cars like mine, that should NOT be the victim of irrational state spending habits, thus aiding in the ridiculous influx of DMV registration fees. PLEASE SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER THESE FEES FOR GOOD DRIVERS WITH OLDER CARS.

Thank you,

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