Run Kristin Run! Get rid of Whitfield once and for all.

Run Kristin Run! Get rid of Whitfield once and for all.

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Started by Eric Whitfield

Elected Board of Education member, Eric Whitfield has made the following comments:

"I am dropping out of the School Board race unless the Republican Party changes their retarded position. ~Eric Whitfield July 21, 2020" -Eric Whitfield 

"I'm running for School Board. I will always be looking out for the best interest of the taxpayer not the children. We don't owe parents a free education for their children. It is just an obligation under liberal laws designed to brainwash our children through compulsory education" -Eric Whitfield 

"If you know (Anonymous) then you know the answer. He controls the ignorant darkies in his community. He can't stand when they are out of his control. (Anonymous) is a community organizer. When (Anonymous') sheep see a black man succeeding then they know (Anonymous) is full of (explicative) with his racist garbage. Successful black people minimize the power of community organizers like Barack Obama and (Anonymous)." -Eric Whitfield 

Eric Whitfield does not represent the students, staff, or citizens of Onslow County, and should not represent a school district in which he has expressed no interest in working for to make a positive change.

His beliefs and views are racially controversial and individualistically motivated. While freedom of speech is his right, there is no place for his rhetoric in Onslow County Schools. 

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!