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Urgent-Terminate Unethical Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Hawkins

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Karma is a Husky DOG, who finally won her fight to stay alive, after a long grueling battle that began with GROSS misrepresentations from Director, Dr. Jennifer Hawkins.  Director Hawkins stated that Karma killed 2 cats back in 2012. There was no proof that Karma killed any cat(s) back in 2012 when the alleged tragedies happened. 

Karma's owners won the initial hearing and were told they could receive Karma back after the Hearing Officer confirmed there was No Proof of any cats being killed. Director, Dr. Hawkins filed for an Appeal hearing and forced Lt. Frick to gather the ‘witness statements’ for these alleged 2012 cat killings just days prior to the Appeal hearing on August 31st, 2015. 

Director Hawkins had also, made bizarre claims that Karma is a Wolf Hybrid and that a rabies vaccination ‘may not be effective'.  We personally, have been unable to find any supporting documentation of Dr. Hawkins’ claims that OC is at ‘higher risk for rabies’ or that the rabies vaccine ‘may be ineffective’ on Karma even if she was a Wolf Hybrid. This document states that wolf hybrids can get rabies vaccinations if the owner fills out a form:

According to UC Davis DNA test results Karma is .15 low wolf content and any dog, even a Chihuahua or Beagle can test up to .09. The comparison is clearly indicative of Huskies which test higher wolf content than most dogs because of their close genetic composition.

UC Davis Director, Dr. Penedo concluded about the DNA results for Karma: "...Based on the amount of estimated wolf-content, it is safe to assume that Karma has "low wolf-content" and is not the direct result of a wolf x dog cross, or 50% hybrid x dog cross. We typically do not provide comments regarding wolf-content in our reports, except in situations where high wolf content is found and animals could potentially be wolves rather than hybrids. I mention this to you in the context of the present analysis to avoid assumptions that Karma might have high wolf content. …”

Karma was wrongly impounded since May 24th, 2015 due to Dr. Hawkins labeling her as a vicious dog whose only option was to be euthanized. It’s been nearly a full three (3) years since the cat killing allegations.  Even if they were true Karma had caused NO harm to anyone to date including the children that lived beside her in her owner’s home. This was proof that she is not vicious.

Under CA ‘VICIOUS DOG’ laws, and even according to OCAC ACO’s, IF Karma shows ‘good behavior/no aggressive behavior’ for a time – up to three (3) years’ the VD designation can be removed. 

Also noteworthy is that Lt. Frick and other ACO’s in OCAC advised that NOT all dogs deemed ‘vicious’ are ‘destroyed.’

Using OCAC’s logic, Karma was approaching three (3) years now with the last alleged cat killing date of Nov. 29, 2012, and since she was impounded as a direct result of her owners’ actions, not hers, she has proven she is not a Vicious Dog. 

Clearly, Karma was singled out for unsupported justification by Dr. Hawkins. 

The OCAC administration and especially Dr. Hawkins and Lt. Frick should be disciplined for their deceit and abuse of power in this matter. There was no supporting documentation to justify Dr. Hawkins’ wild claims about the rabies vaccine and Dr. Hawkins was uncooperative in the Owners request for Karma to be sent to a Sanctuary instead of being euthanized. During the BOS meeting Todd Spitzer asked Dr. Hawkins if he were able to find a rescue that could meet all the guidelines the County had given him would she change her decision.  Dr. Hawkins stated she would still opt to euthanize Karma regardless.

The CA Hayden Law mandates that pounds work with animal rescue groups to save lives NOT take them. 

With TWO very bad Grand Jury reports THIS YEAR and on the heels of the settlement of the $2.5 million lawsuit brought by Sharon Logan/Paw Protectors, one would think OCAC would finally be in compliance with ALL CA laws and animal control practices that are honest and humane. 

At this point, it’s the opinion of several, including attorneys privy to this matter that the Attorney General and State legislators look into the many violations of law and abuse of power used to obtain an ORDER OF DESTRUCTION of Karma. 

The OCAC records are clearly contradictory, at least, and deceptive practices are very well documented. This is unacceptable and all of it needs to be reviewed and those involved, held accountable!

The One Striking point is nobody at OCAC showed any interest in Karma who remained unlicensed and unvaccinated for rabies from 2012 until May 24, 2015 and yet now Dr. Hawkins is claiming that Karma should be euthanized for Public Safety. 

Jennifer Hawkins and the OCAC have a recorded history of unethical practices with 34 discrepancies noted on the recent Grand Jury Inspection and a 2.5 million dollar lawsuit that the OCAC lost for improper euthanization practices.  There was also, a protest on September 1, 2015, because Dr. Hawkins had euthanized 11 big dogs within 48 hours.  

Some may wonder why I am referencing so much from Karma’s case when she has now been saved.  And it is purely to show how many deceptive practices Dr. Hawkins made in trying to prove her point that Karma had no option but to be euthanized. 

So many OC dogs deemed unadoptable have been sweet, loving dogs but are labeled otherwise to justify euthanasia by Dr. Hawkins.

Jennifer Hawkins is using her position and authority to euthanize dogs that can be adopted. It is our moral duty as concerned citizens to give these animals a voice.  Please sign and share this petition to help us stop Dr. Hawkins from euthanizing healthy animals that could go on to lead long, healthy lives.



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