Signatures and agreement for the support of African migrans who are in Algeria.

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  • Dear Reader,let me introduce myself.I am a teenager who's 17 years old.I have a beautiful dream..A dream could be realized. In favor of the whole humanity.A dream which gives me chills and vibrations throughout my body; Help poor African migrants from poverty.
  • I know that the Algerian state will not consider this petition because either saying I am a minor or they will not care about this but I would like to show youth, it's not that the future but is the present too.
  • I am Algerian Berber,I live in the 10th largest country in the world,I am writing to you to show you my distress and my sadness that I feel every day when I see migrans from borders such as Mali, Niger lost and without passing shelters around my house which is situated in a state of Tizi.
  • By sacrificing oneself, for a better future; they decided to leave their country by whatever means and to emigrate to others countries like mine, such as the Malian and Algerian border.
  • In fact, through the Sahara in difficult conditions. According to several articles that I have read that most of them are explained to them by the Algerian state by stealing their money and phones. Please do some things to make my dream true. we have to help these Africans! Man has rights.Life is short. I know we can do it I have great hope.When a baby asked me for money I cried all the tears in my body. 
    Sign for the realization of my dream, sign for human rights, sign for justice,we are humans we are all concerned.

                                                                                    Thank you.