FOR WORLD PEACE, we demand that a referendum be declared to declare war

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In 2016, a group of US congressmen made this proposal to amend their Constitution: "all acts of war must be submitted to a national vote." You can read it at

Wars don't defend people's general interest nor the enviroment, instead they are a plain business for politicians and companies. This business that kills many people and causes other serious problems to millons of people, as inmigration, hunger and wreck for decades. One of the biggest dangers for the human being is the nuclear threat that puts us in danger of desappearing as a species.

We can stop governments having the power to attack other countries, by forbiding it with international standards and national laws. Therefore we ask the international bodies and politicians in several countries, to make compulsive the submission to a referendum the military interventions outside the national territory.

We have faith that several small countries without a war record, shall be the first to back this initiative changing their laws or that the international bodies promote these legislative changes at a worldwide level. In the first case, it is expected that these countries compel the international bodies so that they back this measure; besides, with their example, as well as with the popular and the media pressure, they can make that every country changes its laws stopping its current government from invading another country.

We have given politicians too much power and its consequences are very grave: pollution, injustice, poverty, wars, corruption, global warming, planet destruction and human species destruction. Now we must react in two ways: taking away from politicians the power of decision about issues that damage the global interests, as in this petition, and oblige them to take decisions that benefit all of us.

This petition is for everyone, so anyone can use the petition to promote this change.

Another world is possible!