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EVM Machine Hatao Desh Bachao Saathiyon

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Karnataka and rest of India demands Paper Ballot for all elections for sanctity, purity and transparency of elections and voters of Karnataka refuse to accept a "BEEP" of EVM and assume that their vote has gone to their chosen candidate.

Paper Ballot has end to end trail and recounting is possible, whereas EVMs has multiple access points of vulnerability that can change the vote of voter to a candidate which is different from what he / she opted for.

Despite ECI and State Election Commission assuring that EVMs are fault proof, it is mere assurance and almost all political parties in past decade have demanded EVMs to be scrapped.

It is pertinent to note that Canada, Netherlands, UK, Italy, France, Germany and other nations don't use EVMs and those who attempted the use of EVMs have found faults and have scrapped their use.

Stanford University is a renowned for its research and it has published an article that states that EVMs are vulnerable.

Vote is the only thing a citizen have to make his / her voice and when there are many doubts on where it goes, we need to go back to a transparent system.

ECI says that paper ballot is a costly affair. When Citizens are paying service taxes, cess,etc and not seeing any benefits, Citizens will surely and happily be able to pay additional cost of paper ballot and other costs of conducting paper ballot elections.


Without paper ballot, the democracy is a fractured one and voting itself is an illusion.

a) In recently concluded 2017 BMC elections, Shirsat who contested from Ward 164 had zero votes against him despite him and his family voting for him.

b) In 2014, an EVM in Assam voted only for BJP no matter which button was pressed.

c) In many many instances it has been observed that the actual votes casted and those shown in results of EVMs vary by huge margin of proportions.

A consistent software has to give consistent result in all instances but above cases clearly show that ECI is fully aware that there are multiple versions of Software and access points to tamper EVMs and cheat the election process and voter. ECI till date has not denied this nor come out with root cause of what is causing these discrepancies and are hand in glove in this mischief for their vested interests and against interest of democracy.

I therefore request people of Karnataka and India to not think on party lines but think at a higher level for strengthening democracy. Think!! why most developed nations don't use EVMs?  No matter who wins an election, but the winner has to be the real representative of people and not a one managed and assigned by faulty software.

People blame voters when they see criminals elected. But it may not be voters fault. They may very well have chosen a clean candidate but it is nexus of criminal elements who have mastered the art of EVM tampering and it is high time that we go back to a tried, tested and proven paper ballot.

A case will soon be filed in Karnataka HC and I hope this is done across India. If you support this cause, please sign this petition and share this widely.  If you want to be a petitioner and get a copy of petition and file it in your state, leave your details here

You must be bold and should be able to take this to the end to file petition in your state or UT HC.


I'm also putting up a repository of past judgements, matters and global activism that will support this cause.


Please join the cause and share it widely.


Jai Hind!

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