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#Scotch: Scottish Whisky, distilled and matured in Scotland.

This petition is for everyone with an interest in securing the place of #Scotch as the World's most iconic and famous Whisky, inextricably linked to our Nation.

  • The #Scotch Whisky industry is worth £5 billion to the UK economy annually, supporting 40,000 jobs.
  • Every second 38 bottles are exported earning £125 for the taxpayer, totalling £1 billion each year.
  • Scotch is the 3rd biggest industry in Scotland, bigger than the UK’s iron and steel, shipbuilding or computer industries.
  • Last year 99 million cases of #Scotch were exported, around 78% of Scotland’s, (and 25% of the UK's) food and drink exports.

However, last year #Scotch exports fell by 7.4%, whilst American Whiskey sales grew 9.6%. Ireland has revealed plans to quadruple Whiskey production by 2030. Taiwan's Kavalan has just been named 'The World's Best Single Malt'. Tequila is widely predicted to be the biggest spirit in the World by 2018, perhaps partly down to the work of their government's official Tequila Ambassadors, while Scotland has a Marine Tourism strategy, but not a #Scotch Tourism strategy. Madness.

We believe the industry can collaborate to do a better job of promoting and protecting #Scotch. 


  1. DIGITAL PORTAL ↦The definitive #Scotch Whisky resource, an interactive map of ALL distilleries, social media. Owning the Digital Landscape for #Scotch. The ‘Best Spirits Website in the World’.
  2. TOURISM STRATEGY ↦ A united #Scotch Whisky Trail, with schemes to encourage the opening of ALL distilleries to the public. Collaboration with venues, retailers and the travel industry. The restoration of Kennetpans, the 'home’ of #Scotch.
  3. DEDICATED #SCOTCH MINISTER ↦ #Scotch Whisky accounts for 78% of ALL Scotland’s Food and Drink Exports, the industry supports 40,000 jobs. #Scotch needs dedicated representation at Government level.
  4. REDUCTION IN DUTY ↦ At the next UK budget, the savings made, invested into #Scotch providing resources to develop Whisky Tourism, Training and Provenance Schemes. Increasing the value of the industry for the nation.
  5. INDEPENDENT #SCOTCH AMBASSADORS ↦ Mexico’s Government has official Tequila Ambassadors, promoting ALL Tequila, the national drink. We need similar champions to represent #Scotch.
  6. ACCREDITED #SCOTCH TRAINING ↦ An accredited training scheme, for #Scotch Whisky and education for everyone, especially those coming out of Scottish Food and Beverage Educational establishments.
  7. #SCOTCH VENUE ACCREDITATION ↦ Like Cask Marque for real ale pubs, but more fun and global - a minimum standard for #Scotch service and training. A ‘Good #Scotch Guide’!
  8. OFFICIAL #SCOTCH MEMBERSHIP A club for global #Scotch Fans, Bloggers, Venues, Distillers, Bottlers, Retailers and Professionals. ALL the Collective’s work together for whisky drinkers everywhere.
  9. PROTECTION AND PROVENANCE FOR #SCOTCH Like the NOM system for Tequila, this public facing mark, on bottles, would provide transparency - allowing consumers to know where #Scotch was distilled, blended and bottled. Granting of UNESCO World Heritage Status for #Scotch.
  10. WWW.SCOTCH.COM The World’s largest producer of Whisky with around 40% of #Scotch production, Diageo have lots to gain. Let's see presented, as a gift from them, to the nation.

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Let Scotland be in charge of the destiny of #Scotch! Sign up and let us get the #Scotch Charter moving, point by point.

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