Decision Maker Response

RIC DRESSEN’s response


Apr 3, 2012 — 

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Edina Hornettes. We are aware that any time a change is made in our school community that it can be difficult to accept, particularly given the strong history and tradition of a particular group. I want to assure you that we have no intention of eliminating the Fall Dance Team or their outstanding contributions to our school spirit.

The only changes we are making are as follows:

•The Edina Hornettes Dance Team will be renamed the Edina Hornets Dance Team.
•The Hornets Dance Team will continue to perform at fall football games and at other events just as they always have. In fact, there will now be opportunities for performances at additional activities, which used to be part of past traditions.
•The Hornets Dance Team will now be part of an all-school organization called the Spirit Squad, which will unite all spirit activities at Edina High School under one umbrella.

The Spirit Squad is intended to promote collaboration and continuity from fall to winter seasons and between all Spirit Squad teams, which include the Edina Pep Band, Sideline Cheer, Comp Cheer, Mascot, Hip Hop Dance Team, Fall Dance Team and Winter Dance Team. All teams will be called the “Hornets” – a name that builds community and school-wide spirit and is a name that is already identified with our school throughout Minnesota.

As a result of the new Spirit Squad approach, there will be an increase in the number of students who will be able to participate in cheer activities, an effort that will better reflect and engage the entire student body of Edina High School. Additional improvements will include:

•Shared goals and expectations for all Spirit Squad groups and participants.
•Consistent, collaborative coaching and advisory leadership for all teams, including shared choreography and coordinated team uniforms, which will strengthen our brand.
•Increased number of students participating in spirit activities, as both Dance and Comp Cheer students will participate in fall Sideline Cheer activities.
•A more competitive Winter Dance Team, which will now be able to build on the training occurring during the Fall Dance Team club season.

We appreciate your interest and concern for our students and the extracurricular activities we provide at Edina High School. We have no intention of lessening these activities and believe that the Spirit Squad model will strengthen and enhance these experiences for all our students.