Sign to Reopen the Fitness Center in Naperville

Sign to Reopen the Fitness Center in Naperville

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Why this petition matters

Started by Dawn Fiorentino

We have a very nice fitness center facility in Naperville, fully equipped and has been there for many years, since Lucent days. Many have been with the Gym since it started, and have been with the company for many years.

Covid has affected us all and many people are coming back and started to use the fitness  facility.  It was a great way to destress and increase productivity and for a company of size and leadership of Nokia. It is surprising that Nokia would take steps to close the gym, when we are advocating for well-being of our employees.

Many have expressed concern on the Yammer group and town halls when we heard it will close and in the town hall we were told it was being still discussed and then we got notice that it will close and it was final.

We were told it is for liability but we have solutions to that and we are also looking after Nokia’s interest. We could have always someone CPR certified in the building from the members and we could organize a buddy system in the gym, we had suggestions but we were not given chance to discuss them, mostly there is no response to our requests.

As Nokia employees we believe that Nokia will always listen to us and give us a chance to discuss and find solutions, could you please consider the decision to reopen the gym and give the chance to run the facility, we run labs with hazardous conditions, so I am sure we can manage a gym and sign no liability forms. If HR finds that we are not managing well or we are violating our commitments then they can close the gym, but pls give us a chance to keep it open.

Thank you for your consideration

Attached is a sad image of the fitness center empty & no lights.


105 have signed. Let’s get to 200!