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Facebook needs to recognize Mommy Wars as a violation of community standards!

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Facebook has set community standards that protect it's users from online abuse. However, when mothers face abuse online and report the comment, the reporter receives a message stating that the comment is not in violation of a specific community standard. We seek to change that by amending the current community standards to protect mothers from online abuse.Just to be clear this is not against sharing facts or pro stances. This would be an amendment on abusive comments such as:

Telling a mother she is unfit or have her child removed from her home I.e. false claims of abuse,
Saying a mother is risking death to her child for an opinion on cosleep, vaccines, or feeding.
Calling a mother derogatory names such as whore, slut, etc.
Calling a child derogatory names.
Sexualizing breastfeeding or assuming sexualization of breastfeeding.
Verbally assaulting a mother for speaking about mistakes, or asking for education.
Humiliation of a mother for photos of her child and self.

This would be considered a violation when it directly attacked a mother on a personal level. We seek to protect mothers from pages as well. However, educational posts are excluded. We do not wish to include in this amendment:

Educational posts on feeding, safety, sleeping, circumcision, vaccines, etc.

Personal stories of mothers who are sharing their experiences and opinions in a respectful manner.

Scientific research and facts.

Informative material on ingredients in formula, vaccines, etc.

We define a respectful post as not pointing fingers at one person's mistakes, no use of derogatory names(whore, slut, profanities, brat) towards a mother or child, or using religion to suggest damnation of a mother for being single, interracial, gay, etc.

We consider this to be hate speech and seek to have it recognized accordingly. 




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