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Get the City of LA to Waive Towing Fees for Victims of Car Theft

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Why must the victim of car theft pay to recover their vehicle?

The City of Los Angeles needs to waive the fees that require a registered car owner to recover their stolen vehicle from any Official Police Garage in LA. 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported 57,247 vehicles stolen in the LA Metropolitan Area just last year. The average rate to release a vehicle at an OPG is $278.05 for the FIRST DAY it was towed in and additional daily storage rates can apply thereafter. 

I was a victim of car theft, and being a student, paying my way through college with a part-time job, the situation took its toll on my wallet, job and most importantly, my educational career. When I arrived at the OPG, I was in shock at how much I was "responsible" to pay in order to get my car back. My vehicle had its steering wheel, radio, and all four tires taken out. So on top of these ridiculous fees, I also had to restore my car. While I was there, two other victims had arrived with the same problem. One man and his wife had their work truck stolen--- tools and all. In just a half hour, these people made nearly $1,000 off of auto theft victims. It's sad and disgusting to see the city feed off of tax payers who are told to play the waiting game by police.

The City of LA needs to stop abusing its power of unjust rates and follow the example of San Francisco, who passed a policy in which victims of car theft now have 48 hours to pick up their vehicles before fees are applied. 

Let's not have anyone else go through this ordeal. The citizens of LA do not need to be robbed twice.  

Please sign this petition to pass a policy that will waive any fees at an OPG for auto-theft victims in Los Angeles. Anybody can be a victim.




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