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Sign this Petition To Save the Yasuni Forest and its People from Oil, Mining exploration and Logging!

It's critically important to protect the Yasuní National Park for many reasons including: its amazing Biodiversity, its people, the environment. Rainforests are considered the lungs of the planet and it should be our duty as human beings to protect them.

Not only there are thousands of species of plants, animals, insects, discovered and perhaps undiscovered in the forest, but also Indigenous Tribes living in harmony with their environment that would be negatively affected by the Ecuadorean Government’s plan to change the country’s Constitution in order to freely exploit the area of it’s natural resources.

Please Sign (and Share) this Petition to Protect the Yasuni rainforest. The petition is addressed to the Ambassador of Ecuador in the USA and the Organization of American States (OEA). 



This petition was delivered to:
  • Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in the USA, Ambassador
    Nathalie Cely Suárez
  • Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States (OEAs), Ambassador
    María Isabel Salvador

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