Issue an executive order to ban gerrymandering effective immediately.

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Gerrymandering leads to radical right and left politics. Reps in gerrymandered districts are more likely to feel pressure to vote 100% with their party or risk losing re-election. Help bring maturity & balance back to politics. Sign & share this petition calling on President Trump to put an end to gerrymandering now.

Gerrymandering has created a supermajority party that does not reflect the diversity of the American people. States such as Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin have already been found guilty of unconstitutional racial gerrymandering by federal courts. Some states are taking their cases to the Supreme Court in a display of audacity that wastes voters' time and tax dollars. To prevent this waste of Supreme Court resources and to end these unconstitutional racist practices, the Executive Branch of the United States must now faithfully defend the First and Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution by issuing an executive order to ban gerrymandering in every state effective immediately.

We must take the power to draw districts away from partisan politicians and give it to nonpartisan citizen commissions. That's what California did. And their districts went from Rorschach tests to fairer, less partisan regions that more accurately reflect the diverse interests of the American people.

Recent online petitions on have already sparked a bi-partisan bill that's now been drafted by North Carolina legislators. Let's do this on a larger scale. Sign & share this petition to help stop partisan gerrymandering in your state and across the great United States of America.


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Are you a US citizen? Please sign this petition to show that like 3 out of 4 Americans, you're against gerrymandering and want it to stop now. Questions? Learn more about gerrymandering here. Ask us a question on Twitter at @Stop_Gerry. Thanks to ATTN: and the Washington Post for bringing light to this issue in an understandable way.

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