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Refund Required:Educational institutions return application fee to unsuccessful applicants

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Applicants to a school or college who didn't get admission there, should get back the money they paid to buy the application forms and prospectus.

Every year, parents spend a lot of money purchasing the application form and prospectus of educational institutions(school or college) where they want their child to study. Sometimes because this cost is prohibitive, parents don't apply to a school whose application and prospectus cost can buy the application of 2 other schools. This decision can greatly affect the quality of education that a student receives owing to not purchasing the application in another college or school. If a school sells 5000 applications for the 200 seats it intends to fill, it is unfair for it to hold on to the money of 4800 applicants. This scene doesn't change in college admissions. To state this clearly, I will use Indian Rupees and colleges to explain my case.

Example with some basic calculation

Consider that a college charges ₹1000 for the application form for each course taught there. An applicant has to consider purchasing the application only for the required streams where the student stands a chance to be selected. All this is without knowing if the student gets the required minimum score to even apply for that course. This puts the parents under pressure to buy applications for "stand-by" courses. This process repeats for 5 or 6 colleges after which the parent is not ready to pay for any more applications because all that money is not coming back. this is where I feel the student really losses an opportunity in another college. Because the application was bought only in 6 colleges, the possibility of approaching other colleges is ruled out. In the case of schools, there is no course specific application. At least not at the primary levels. But the problem is same.

Education is meant to be a not-for-profit service in India. We need to take another look at this domain to ensure that education remains accessible for all classes of society. My petition is an attempt to enable parents to buy applications for as many schools as they deem fit for their child with the guarantee that the schools on their part, will return money received on failed applications to the applicants.

There can be different ways in which parents get the refund but we first need to acknowledge the problem and our intent to address it.

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