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Petitioning like you! Mama Grizzlies

Sign the REAL Mama Grizzly Pledge to Protect Wildlands


Sarah Palin uses the term ‘Mama Grizzlies’ to describe herself and women of her ultra-conservative movement.

But we think the term better describes women in the conservation movement, as well as everyday mamas (and papas) who do their best to lovingly defend our natural treasures. Whether you’re conservative or liberal, furry or not (daddy grizzlies are welcome, too!) take our pledge to be a Real Mama Grizzly.

And throughout the month of March The Wilderness Society is honoring all the amazing women throughout conservation who are Mama Grizzlies each day when they come to work. They know that there are plenty of metaphorical wilderness cubs out there that need nurturing and protection. For example, the “cubs” that our mama--and papa--grizzlies defend on a daily basis include places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, iconic western lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and our majestic National Forests--all of which are under pressure from either oil and gas drilling, extractive industries or abusive off-road vehicle use.

And if you're proud to be a Mama Grizzly (or a daddy grizz) sign our Real Mama Grizzly pledge to protect wildlands.

Grizzly Mamas include:

-- women who defend wildlands as part of their careers

-- women who inspire others to take care of the earth and the world's natural treasures

-- women who simply do their part everyday to tread lightly on the earth or help instill wilderness values in younger generations.

Letter to
like you! Mama Grizzlies
--- To defend my habitat from climate change. I will decrease my carbon impact by driving less, being mindful of my energy use at home, eating less meat, buying local foods or planting a garden.

--- To mentor young grizzlies by getting them and myself out into the Great Outdoors.

--- To nurture our precious wildlands by using less of their limited resources and buying products made from recycled or repurposed materials.

--- To write Congress at least once this month on behalf of conservation priorities.

--- To share this message with my friends so that other Mama Grizzlies can commit to defending the environment this month.

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