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Sign the petition to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to save Maria Model

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To the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babis:

In October 2015, our Russian friend Yevgeny Yuriev lost track of his daughter Maria Model. She disappeared with her husband Victor Model, a habitual drug addict with a number of previous criminal convictions. For several months before her disappearance, Maria lived in hell: She was systematically abused by her husband. Every time after a beating, Victor resorted to well-known psychological manipulations that all drug addicts use on their loved ones to instill faith in and pity to themselves: He would vow to never do it again, beg for forgiveness, and promise to restore the happiness of the first years of their intimate relationship.

This story is old, there is nothing new in it. What is important is its outcome: Maria disappeared. Right before the visit of her parents, Victor forcibly took Maria and their traces were lost in the Czech Republic.

This sad story could end here. One can revel in arguments about Maria’s fault to no end, That she believed the lies of and had faith in drug addicted Victor when she could have put a stop to it and left her abusive husband. These arguments are fruitless. As a rule, people like this way of reasoning only until their own daughter gets into a similar situation of a downward spiral of abuse.

However, life interfered: Several months after their disappearance, Maria and Victor were detained in the Czech Republic. The very detention and its circumstances were extremely suspicious: Maria and Viktor had no valid passports on them; moreover, their visas had expired. According to the established EU procedures, the police should have investigated their situation and immediately got in touch with the Russian consulate. Then the police should have handed Victor and Maria over to an immigration police unit, especially given that Victor and Maria were on the Interpol search list. The Czech police did nothing of the kind. After being detained in the police, the trail of Maria and Victor was completely lost. The police refused to provide any explanation about the disappearance of Maria. Only an apology was issued for the fact that Maria had not been transferred to the immigration police, where everything could have been cleared up.

Meanwhile, almost two years after her disappearance, Maria’s fate is still unknown. Given the current situation with trafficking, and especially trafficking in undocumented people, Maria’s disappearence is symptomatic of the problem’s scale and pervasiveness, as well as extremely disturbing. There is every reason to assume the worst.

This catastrophic situation is looped over by the Czech police, who are involved in the disappearance of Maria and Victor. Even after issuing official apologies, the Czech police did not provide any protocols or reassurances about Maria’s future fate. Many inquiries had been sent to various third parties and different levels of authority. The same answer came from all: Despite the fact that they understand the whole situation and empathize wtih the experiences of Maria’s parents, they cannot interfere with the internal proceedings and the affairs of the Czech police. This includes the office of the former Prime Minister Sobotka and the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs. Yet the Czech police is still silent in this matter.

This situation has shown that the Czech police can even kidnap someone’s daughter and sell her to slavery or other pursuits, and no one can prevent them from doing it - because the Czech police is accountable only to itselt, and no one dares to interfere with the affairs of the Czech police.

Today this misfortune has occurred with Yevgeny Yuriev’s daughter, tomorrow it can happen to anyone.

We are asking for your support in spreading the information about Maria Model’s case in the hope of saving her. We are also asking you to make sure that everyone involved in this situation is held accountable. The only way we can break this vicious circle of irresponsibility is by correcting the flaw in the system and calling out a certain number of people, in this case the Czech police and personally the head of the criminal investigation of the Czech Republic colonel Jan Rybar, who placed himself above the law and morality!

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