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Sign the Petition to Introduce Bitcoin Segwit2X to the Rest of the World!

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Dear Friends, this petition is highlighting the weakest sides of Bitcoin and suggesting a new ideal Bitcoin (B2X) for a change.

Since Satoshi left, the community has been falling apart and there are more and more monopolistic traits in the modern mining process. The difficulties that the Bitcoin is facing right now are:
- High price for the transaction (from $15 up to $44);
- Time of the transaction ranging from 1 hour to 2 days;
- Bitcoin is not decentralized anymore;
- Main mining capacities are concentrated in the arms of some particular groups.

As you all know, in mid-November there should have been the hard fork, Segwit2X, but lack of support and some key figures from Blockchain sphere made everything possible for this fork not to happen.
The time has come for the new team and the new fork to be launched!
Bitcoin Segwit2X team is planning to improve the codebase of the Segwit2X and add more features turning the new cryptocurrency (B2X) into a truly ideal Bitcoin.

The fork is expected to happen on December 28, 2017. All the holders of BTC who support our project will get B2X in the ratio 1:1. Moreover, all the holders of very first Bitcoins that have been mined during the zero activity of the Network just after the launch of Bitcoin Blockchain, will get on their accounts the equal amount of B2X, as the bonus for their trust and support.

Please, sign this petition and let Bitcoin Segwit2X project got enlisted in the main online markets! As soon as we show the impressive amount of signatures, no one will be able to ignore the movement to the better Bitcoin world anymore and will accept the fact that new ideal Bitcoin is much closer to its supporters that they have thought before!

Respectfully yours,
Bitcoin Segwit2X Team

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