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Sign the Petition to Ban Cluster Bombs

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A petition banning the use of cluster bombs and demanding an urgent clean-up of the more than 1 million cluster-bomblets sprayed over southern Lebanon has been launched by the American Task Force for Lebanon, a non-profit non-sectarian group based in Washington, DC.

Sign the petition to ask President Bush, Secretary of State Rice, your state's U.S. Senators and your Member of Congress to ban the use, transfer or sale of cluster bombs.

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The text of the petition:

Unexploded cluster munitions left from the summer war between Israel and Hezbollah continue to plague Lebanon, killing and maiming dozens of civilians, many of them children. If left on the ground, a slight disturbance may cause bomblets to explode. Worse, many bomblets are brightly colored, with others attached to small parachutes, making them look like toys and enticing kids to pick them up.

I call on you to take the following urgent steps to solve the cluster bomb problem before it suffocates the social, economic and political life of Lebanon.

1. Make Clearing the Bomblets in Lebanon a Top U.S. Priority. It is  essential that the U.S. continue to provide funding to complete the multi-million dollar UN operation to clear cluster bomblets in Lebanon.

2. Ban Cluster Bomb Transfers To All Countries. I call on you to urge the U.S. State Department to complete its review of how Israel used American-made cluster munitions in the summer war. The U.S. should ban any future transfer of cluster munitions. The Reagan Administration banned such a transfer of cluster munitions to Israel from 1982-88.
3. Call for an International Treaty Banning Cluster Weapons. Norway and thirty other countries, including the Vatican, have issued a humanitarian appeal for a conference to produce a cluster bomb treaty. I urge you to give U.S. support for an international treaty to ban the use, transfer and sale of cluster bombs.

4. Press Israel to Give Up Bomb Site Coordinates. I call on you to use your influence with the government of Israel to turn over the coordinates of its cluster bomb strikes to the United Nations so those areas can be cleared by UN Battle Area Clearance de-mining teams.

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