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Say No to Guns!

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Say No to Guns

  • As members of  ‘Citizens Against Weapons’,  a citizens’ group working for a peaceful and weapon-free Pakistan, it is our considered opinion that the only option for Pakistan to eliminate its devouring violence, crime and militancy is to work proactively  towards a weapon-free society.   
  • From thousands of armed street crimes in Karachi to periodic explosions in our rural areas to spread of sectarian violence and intolerance, the Pakistani state has been unable to provide the most basic fundamental right to its citizens – the right to life and property.
  • Despite numerous announcements and promises, the state has not taken any concrete and consistent actions to eliminate the 20 million weapons in the hands of civilians in Pakistan.
  • There are hundreds of private individuals, ‘Sardars’, ‘Waderas’, political leaders, sectarian groups and mafias who maintain private armies / militias.  Likewise there are thousands of citizens who maintain large caches of arms and ammunitions.  This is in complete contravention of Article 256 of the Constitutions.   
  • Numerous nations, like Japan, Australia, Argentina and England have taken drastic steps to eliminate weapons amongst their populace,  thus bringing peace and prosperity to their countries.  Sadly, we who are the real victims of this burgeoning violence have failed to act in any cohesive or pro-active manner.

 We demand  that:

  1. Possession of arms must be declared as the exclusive domain of the State.  No citizen, regardless of his/her position or status, must be allowed to possess, carry, import, sell, transport, deliver or display any weapon of any kind - licensed or otherwise. 
  2. In compliance with Article 256 of the Constitution, all private militias regardless of their patrons must be completely disbanded and the state must firmly act to completely eliminate all such armed groups.
  3. Issuance of new arms licenses be banned and the already issued licenses must be declared null and void.  It is the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens.  
  4. All citizens must be made to surrender their weapons through a planned buy-back scheme. There must be serious consequences for those who fail to comply. 

Endorsed by:

  1. Citizens Against Weapons
  2. Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC)
  3. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)
  4. Pakistan Institute of Labour & Education Research (PILER)
  5. Shehri CBE
  6. Shirkat Gah
  7. Tehrik-e-Niswan
  8. Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)
  9. Citizens Trust Against Crime (CTAC)
  10. Children’s Literature Festival (CLF)
  11. National Organisation for Working Communities (NOW)


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  1. Prime minister of Pakistan
  2. Interior Minister of Pakistan
  3. National Security Adviser
  4. Chief of the Army Staff
  5. Inspector General Police - Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa
  6. Inspector General Police - Balochistan
  7. Inspector General Police - Punjab
  8. Inspector General Police - Sindh

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